We Create Order out of Chaos

We create order out of chaos in high growth, entrepreneurial organizations. We support visionaries with detailed operational systems, using Six Sigma and Lean Production principles.

We Address Four Key Questions

Are your operations capabilities scaling?
Are your repeatable processes documented?
Can you manage deficits?
Can your leaders focus?

Our Customers

Our customers are in industries such as: Internet-of-Things, Healthcare, Business Process Outsourcing, and Manufacturing.

We Create Order out of Chaos

We support visionaries with detailed operational systems, using Six Sigma & Lean philosophies.

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Our Service Offering

Goals and Objectives and Company Key Imperatives

We Empower:

Forever Young Consulting empowers individuals and teams to perform at high levels even when experiencing rapid growth or organizational transition. We’ve successfully worked with teams launching new products, onboarding new clients, managing mergers or acquisitions.

Our Results:

We work side-by-side teams and individuals to define success criteria and articulate key elements that drive success. By eliminating distractions and targeting activities that drive success we improve efficiency, facilitate scale, reduce operations costs and delight customers.

The Journey:

Organizations must constantly evolve…but do so in a manner that allows everyone to clearly know how and why their activities contribute to the company’s success. We help leadership visualize strategy, clearly articulate operating procedures, engage lean Sigma training and train staff to deliver results that matter.

Strategic Management System

  • Key imperatives for the organization
  • Goals and objectives for team members
  • War room environment
  • A3 project management
  • Visual controls and transparency
  • KPI development and reporting

Process Mapping

  • Level I process map
  • Prioritize Level I map
  • Level II process maps on high priority business modules

Operating Procedures

  • Prioritized Level II business modules
  • Operating procedures on high priority processes
  • Forms library

Erik Young, Founder

Erik is a practitioner in operations, strategy and Lean Six Sigma operations, focusing on high growth companies, typically funded by private equity or venture capital. Erik has spent the latter part of his career helping high growth entrepreneurial companies “make order out of chaos,” and create systems to scale rapidly. Erik has a combination of startup, corporate and consulting experiences along with real-world Lean Sigma implementation and innovation.

Maurya Wendling

Maurya is a Lean Practitioner, specializing in technical writing and working with subject matter experts (SMEs) to translate operational activity into written documentation. Maurya works part time as Quality Manager for Tilson, a benefits outsourcing company, where she manages a team of three technical writers.

Brent Shopp

Brent has extensive experience in strategic Talent Acquisition, Talent Demand Planning and Human Capital Consulting. With this proven experience and expertise, Shopp has been able to leverage and create innovative sourcing and competitive intelligence methodologies that are seamless within the talent acquisition life cycle.

Tiffany Trusty

Tiffany has a passion for technology that makes an impact! With 20 years of experience she is a seasoned software architect. her love of all things tech mixed with her entrepreneurial spark is what makes her great. She covets opportunities to summon all of her past experiences and current expertise to help a new business or market succeed.

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